Epitome Mini Dress

Epitome Mini Dress


Epitome dress is made with love , dedication & to celebrate you of our collection.


Why name our dress Epitome?

"A dress with quality needs a person of a type to feel comfortable of been you".


Epitome is person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type. 

We love expressing fashion into expressions/messages or celebrations. That's why Dècorous is a celebration of you in our journey of our brand.


  • Designed in Canada
  • Made In Turkey 

    • 100% Lambskin soft leather
    •  Long sleeves with leather cuff
    •  Exposed metal zip-back closure
    • ​Fully lined with stretch lining for ease of movement
    • Crew neck leather
    • Logo zipper engraved
    • corset logo Embossed

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