Divine mini skirt

The Divine Skirt design is a idiosyncratic wear. The zipper of our Divine skirt is to be worn on the side. The zipper is designed from the top to bottom of the skirt with a gold metal zipper logo engraved of Décorous.  The ottoman stitch is a stretchy fabric that brings out your curves showing off your natural curves. Another fine touch is Embroidery logo of Décorous on the side of skirt. 


  • Middle of logo skin shows skin in image which in final product it will not be made an open logo in middle but it will be made in future. 


  • Designed In Canada

  • Made In Turkey 

Epitome Dress

Epitome dress is made with love , dedication & to celebrate you of our collection.


Why name our dress Epitome?

"A dress with quality needs a person of a type to feel comfortable of been you".


Epitome is person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type. 

We love expressing fashion into expressions/messages or celebrations. That's why Dècorous is a celebration of you in our journey of our brand.


  • Designed in Canada

  • Made In Turkey 

Sovereign Faux Fur Crop -Top

Sovereign is royalty , been the ruler of your own. We made sovereign for you which Décorous is a meaning of you. Made from Faux Fur a little extra softness for you to feel , and looking fabulous with a soft touch of rib hem long sleeves along with a resplendent Décorous embroidery logo giving more look of side pocket of right side of sleeve adding a button engraved with Décorous logo.

Final touch is you wearing Sovereign crop top to make it look marvelous.


  • Designed In Canada

  • Made In Turkey 

DÉCOROUS Women's And Men's Clothing
DÉCOROUS shares its origins with decoration. Both words come from the Latin word decor, giving a delightful meaning of "beauty, elegance, charm, grace, ornament." So, something DÉCOROUS is attractive. Where the owner of DÉCOROUS shares her story why

Women's and men's clothing

You can now shop Pre-Order women's and men's clothing. 

We specialize in high quality fabrics which means quality is not a issue for us. 

The touch of our final product is a touch of magic.

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